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All Four Trimesters Doula Services


Standard Package:  $500


Prenatal Meetings
~We provide 2 prenatal meetings

          ~the first consultation meeting is to review our services, with no obligation
~the second visit is to learn more about each other and how we can serve you ~
We will discuss a birth plan including comfort measures, relaxation techniques, various birthing positions and other options.
~We provide complete support for your desired birth experience
~We provide information & resources specific to your pregnancy and birth goals

24 Hour On-Call Availability
~ We provide phone and/or email support throughout the 3rd trimester and after every care provider visit
~We are available by phone during the day and by e-mail for routine questions
~We are available any time 24 hours a day when you think you are in labor
~We are available at any hour to meet you once you are in labor and need us


Support Throughout Labor and Delivery
~We provide support in early labor--in your home, at a birth center, or at the hospital
~We provide suggestions and support for activities or positions to help labor progress
~We can assist you in deciding when to go to the hospital/birth center
~We can help with breathing and relaxation techniques
~We can provide massage and visualization techniques for relaxation
~We can suggest labor positions and comfort measures
~We provide comfort, encouragement and reassurance
~We include and support the woman's partner
~We encourage nutrition and fluids in early labor (for both you and your partner)
~We provide help for your partner to be the best possible support to you
~We help create an environment in which you can feel secure and confident
~We provide information or explanation of medical and birth options during labor
~We work cooperatively with your health care team

~We assist with immediate postpartum care, including help with initial breastfeeding


Postpartum Visits
~We schedule one postpartum visit within 24 hours of arriving home from hospital

~We schedule an additional visit about 2to 3 weeks after birth

~ We provide phone and/or email support until the final postpartum visit

~We will address breastfeeding progress or concerns, answer questions you may have about your newborn and review your birth story


Premium Package: $1,100 (Actual value $14,000)


In addition to the basic package we provide:
~ Two doulas during labor and delivery

~ Two additional prenatal visits, as above, to learn more about what happens during late pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum

~Six hours of postpartum care of your choice within two weeks of birth

~ A written birth story in Microsoft Word so that you can add your own memories

~Photos of labor and delivery

~Unlimited phone and/or email contact

~Full access to our lending library


Add-on Services:

~  Accompanying you to care provider visits: $25/visit

~  Accompanying you to child birth education class: $25/class

~  Additional prenatal or postpartum visits: $50/each

~  Birth Story: $50

~  Birth Log: $25

~  Labor and delivery photos taken by your doula: $100

~  Labor and delivery photos taken by a second doula; $200

~  Belly casting: $40 + materials

~  Henna tattoos: $20 + materials


Standard postpartum care services: $25/hour

~  Breastfeeding support

~  Newborn care: hands-on support with swaddling, bathing, cord care and babywearing

~  Immediate answers to your baby care questions

~  Postpartum depression education and referral

~  An enthusiastic and experienced ‘ear’ for your birth story

~  Infant care so you can rest

~  Household organizational assistance

~  Nutritious snacks for mom, prepared in your home or ours

~  Access to our lending library

~  Benefit from our complete referral list of service providers

~  Meals for your family, prepared in your kitchen or ours (+ groceries)

~  Help with errands, on our own or with you

~  Sibling care

~  Pet care and playtime

~  Accompanying you to care provider visits


Classes: Private- $100, Small group (maximum of 4 couples) - $50

~  Childbirth Refresher

~  Birth Story Writing

~  What to Expect in the First Trimester: Nutrition and Stress

~  ‘What-ifs’ of Labor and Delivery

~  Relaxation Techniques and Comfort Measures

~  Breastfeeding Preparation

~  Arriving Home with Baby


Class Package: $250

Choice of 3 of the above private classes


Baby Shower or Baby Welcoming Parties: $25/hour + supplies

~  We will help you plan a baby shower or welcoming party in your home or ours

~  Includes initial 2 hour planning consultation

~  We will coordinate invitations, food preparation, clean up


Gift Certificates Available in increments of $25 or more:

$25 can provide:

One hour of prenatal care and/or postpartum care

One hour of sibling care

Birth log

Henna tattoo


$50 can provide:

Two hours of prenatal and/or postpartum care

Birth story

One small group childbirth class

Two hours of pet care

Belly casting


$100 can provide:

One private or two small group childbirth classes

Labor and delivery photo album

Four hours of prenatal and/or postpartum care

Four prepared dinners


$500 can provide:

Basic birth package

Twenty hours of prenatal and/or postpartum care

Five private childbirth classes of your choice


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